Hanson Welding Machines

For 50 years the name Hanson Welding Machines has been synonymous with the words “excellence and innovation” in the design and development of precision resistance welding equipment.

Our History

Hanson Welding Machines was founded in 1952 as “The Hanson Engineering Company”. The motivation for “The Hanson Engineering Company” was to provide precision welding equipment to the industrial market place. The founder was dissatisfied with the quality of standard resistance welding machinery available at that time and sought to bring to the resistance welding world, the proverbial “better mousetrap”. He had a clear understanding of the processing requirements for precision resistance welding as a result of his years of experience. He proceeded to develop and market a line of precision welding machines that included weld heads, transformers, and controls. Those machines were successfully used in applications previously thought impossible for the resistance welding process. Many of those original design concepts are still used in the equipment Hanson manufactures today. In 2015 the manufacture and ownership of the Hanson product line was transferred to China. In that same year, Welding & Automation, Inc. became the distributor for the product line. This was a natural transition since our founder was a member of the Hanson team for many years. With a strong background in both welding and automation, we offer not only standard machines, but custom tooling, electrodes, and mechanization for the existing Hanson line. Additionally, we offer product testing in our lab for many applications. We are proud to have as our tooling development including electrodes, and contract manufacturing partner AlphaTech, Inc.


AlphaTech, Inc.

AlphaTech Manufacturing

AlphaTech, Inc. got its start in 1974 as Industrial Precision of Asheville, Inc. Since then we have grown to over 40 employees and now occupy a 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Western North Carolina.

ATI specializes in production machining, tooling, contract manufacturing and mechatronic (custom mechanical/electrical) solutions. Much of our production work includes machining tight-tolerance parts for medical, instrumentation, and fiber optic industries. It is not uncommon for us to work with such materials as titanium, zirconium, monel, hastelloy C-276, tantalum, and 300 series stainless steel. We are also set up to build, maintain and run many types of progressive dies.

Throughout the years, we have developed a reputation of maximizing available resources in order to provide high-quality precision products and valuable services in a professional, timely manner at reasonable costs.

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Hanson Welding Machines